Why Don’t I Go To Movies Anymore?

I heard somewhere recently how, despite the Marvel Universe earning Scrooge McDuck level of money, overall the movie industry is doing very badly.  Fewer and fewer films are taking more and more money and more and more films are withering on the vine.

I can’t explain why others don’t go to films, but I can explain why I don’t go to films.

I think, for me, I prefer to go to live performing arts events in Cleveland.  I am very privileged to have a good job right now, so I have the opportunity to see a lot live theater.  But I still have to look for the cheap seats.  (Stupid student loans).

Now, a cheap seat for the theater runs about $30.  This means that I can see one play or three movies.  Right now, I would rather see the plays.  I know I’m the back of my head that I can always find the movies on Netflix or Amazon.

I am going to try to fix that in the coming months.  I already made a point to see two movies in August.  I saw The Farewell and One Child Nation.  But I also know that I need to save money and pay down debt and I have to make choices.  So I may still have to decide what I want to see.

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