Church Bells Ringing, Rainy Winter Night by Charles Burchfield


I am very proud and excited to present a picture by Charles Burchfield.  Charles Burchfield grew up in Northeast Ohio and attended school at the Cleveland Institute of Art in University Circle.

But more importantly for this blog, Charles Burchfield married Bertha Kenrich, my great grandother’s sister.  This makes Charles Burchfield my great-great uncle.  🙂  My mom and uncles got to meet him when they were younger; he died in 1967, when my mom was 13.  She definitely remembers him.  My grandmother had a painting of his in the dining room, which she sold just before she died.

So it isn’t every day that I get to show paintings created by a relative by marriage.  🙂

I also went to a talk about his paintings.  Apparently growing up, he was terrified by the local church’s church bells, which is why the painting is so spooky.  The Christmas tree in the bottom left corner house is a reference to the fact that he would console himself when the church bells rang by thinking of Christmas.

I saw a collection of his work at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  I knew that Charles Burchfield was a successful artist (he was invited to Kennedy’s inauguration, but declined to attend because they did not invite his wife), but I never fully believed it until I saw his work at the Cleveland Museum of Art.



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