Meditation on Irrational Thoughts Part 9

The idea that people and things should turn out better than they do; and that you have to view it as awful and horrible if you do not quickly find good solutions to life’s hassles.

I feel this one a lot.  I sometimes feel as though I am entitled for good things to happen, and if they don’t, it is somehow unjust.

Not long ago, I was dating a guy.  He seemed to really like me, and I thought we were getting more serious.

Then he texted me that he was not ready for a long term relationship.

I was so hurt.

I was hurt partly because I felt entitled to a relationship, and hurt because I felt that life seemed awful.  I was disappointed that it was taking effort to meet people, and that I was not easily finding someone.

I feel this in other areas.  I feel this at work, when I have to struggle and struggle to get something to work.  Work shouldn’t be difficult.

I need to learn to enjoy the suffering, to enjoy the process of struggling and see value in the struggle.  I also need to accept that struggle is not an injustice, that life owes me nothing and that there are no guarantees that anything will work out in life.

But, we struggle on, and we try to rejoice in the struggle.




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