Documentaries You Should See: Amy

I knew almost nothing about Amy Winehouse before I saw this documentary.  I remembered Graham Norton joking that she “had a dead pet on her head,” and I remembered hearing a snippet of the song Rehab.  Of course I remember the day that she died, when one of her co-workers sang, “They should have made her go to rehab, but she said ‘No, no, no!'”

So I went to the documentary knowing almost nothing about her.


Amy Winehouse’s story is an incredibly tragic story.  She was an incredibly talented singer/songwriter, who succumbed to a drug addiction at a very young age.  I listened to her music, pretty much for the first time.  It was amazing to hear her sound.  It was classic, and yet somehow modern.  Hearing it again, I realized how much of a debt Adele owes to Amy for her sound.  (I am sure Adele would agree with that.)

It is also a harrowing depiction of the burden of fame.  One of the most gut wrenching moments takes place near the end of her life, when she watches footage of herself  at a concert.  She remarks to her companion, “I could really sing.”  The companion agreed.  Amy grew silent and then said, “If I could give it away so that I could walk down the street unrecognized, I would.”


Go see it for yourself.

Here is the trailer.

And here is a song they play in the documentary, “Tears Dry On Her Own.”  I really like it.  That girl was crazy talented.


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