Visiting the American art wing in a museum

Years ago, I visited the Detroit Institute of Arts.

I made a conscious decision to ignore the European wing and to spend all of my time in the American art wing.

I was very, very poor at the time, because I was underemployed.  I was bitter because I felt that I would never be able to travel, to go to Europe, and experience the great art museums there.

So, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I went to the American wing.

I wanted to connect with who I was, and am, in a way, by experiencing American art.

Since then, when I am visiting an art museum in another city, I always make a special point of seeing the American wing.

I also feel like doing this because I know that, if I did go to Europe, I would see almost no American art.  The National Gallery of London has only one painting by an American, George Bellows’ “Men of the Docks.”  And truthfully, the best American art is here.



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