Journal of the (Covid-19) Plague Year: Chapter 1

Apologies to Daniel Defoe

First of all, my apologies to Daniel Defoe, who wrote Journal of the Plague Year.  I have never read it, but it takes place during the outbreak of Bubonic Plague in London during the year 1665.  The title was just too good not to steal.

So, I want to write about my experiences with the Covid-19 Pandemic for as long as this continues.

I am writing this on 3/22/2020.  Earlier today, Governor Mike DeWine ordered all non-essential businesses to close and called upon Ohioans not to leave their homes.  Schools and restaurants (except for carryout and delivery) have been closed for a week.  Movie theaters and fitness centers followed a couple of days afterwards.  I have been working at home for the past week; my mom has been working from home for three days.  Museums are now closed by order, but most of them already closed of their own volition.  Catholic and Episcopal bishops suspended church services.

I wrote that because I wanted to give a sense of where we are as of the time I am writing this.  One thing that is really remarkable with this experience is how FAST everything moves.  A pandemic is a lesson in the power of exponential growth.

On Friday, March 6th, I went to Mix with my best friend, as we typically do.  Mix is the Cleveland Museum of Art’s monthly party.  The atrium was packed to the gills.  As my friend and I looked over the massive crowd, we wondered when Ohio would have its first positive case, and we wondered if this would be one of the last parties for a while.

Ohio had its first case the following Monday.

In Wednesday, the Cleveland International Film Festival was cancelled.

On Thursday, we found a case via community spread.  Governor DeWine closed all schools for three weeks and forbade gatherings of more than 100 people.

In Sunday, Governor DeWine announced that all restaurants would be carry out and delivery only.

On Monday, I started working from home.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but I just want to document and give a sense of how fast things change, and how fast they will change.



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