Meditation on Irrational Thoughts Part 11

The idea that you must have a high degree of order or certainty to feel comfortable.

This is really meaningful right now.

I am writing this a few hours before Ohio officially goes on lockdown through April 6th, though we all expect that those will be extended.  I have been working from home for over a week.

even more upsetting, I am listening to Pod Save America’s latest episode.  Nurses are describing how they are rationing PPE and N95 masks.  One nurse has to reuse her masks 5 times.

When I originally copied this link, I could never have even imagined living with this level of uncertainty.  I worry about my 97 year old grandmother and my parents in their late 60’s.  I even worry about myself, though as a woman in my mid 30’s the odds are in my favor.

So, in this time of unimaginable certainty, how can I be comfortabe?

Well, I am focusing on the things that I can control.  I follow the social distancing rules and work on hobbies, such as this blog and knitting.

I am also learning to accept the things that I cannot control.

Moreover, I think about how this experience is not new.  Disease has played a powerful, but strangely forgotten, role in human history.  I may not survive, but humanity will survive.

And after the Black Death, comes the Renaissance.

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