Journal of the (Covid-19) Plague Year: Chapter 4

Preparing for the Long Haul

When I first started this series, deep down I thought it would last a few weeks.  We would work from home a few weeks, the peak of the pandemic would end, and then things would return to normal, more or less.  Slowly, I am beginning to understand that this will not happen.

in Ohio, we are beginning to reopen the economy, though I still have doubts about sufficient testing.  They want to get to 22,000 tests a day, and they aren’t there yet.  Though they might be at the end of the month.

But no one is really rushing.  No one at my company is going back until mid-May, despite the fact that we could have gone back on May 4th.  And even then, people will be phased back into the office.  My best friend said her office isn’t going back until June 1st.  And then, it will be slow.

My hair salon is opening on schedule, May 15th, but it will be radically different.  All employees and guests must wear masks and they will take temperatures of everyone, guests and customers, before entering.  They also want people to call ahead and wait in their cars until their hair stylist is ready.

There is no reason to think these restrictions will go away in a few weeks.  Plus, despite what the protesters think, the restrictions are not all instituted by the government.  Ohio is not mandating customers wear masks, but some businesses are beginning to do so.

Life is going to be weird for a long time.  I don’t have to like it, but I do have to accept it.

I also know that the deaths are only beginning.  Right now, the New York Times puts the death toll at 79,550.  We will never know the true number, NOT because of any conspiracy but merely because that’s how this works.  Unless something changes drastically, we will easily cross 100,000 deaths before the end of May.  That for me is still abstract.  I do know one person who was hospitalized with Covid-19, and so does my Mom. But they both recovered, albeit slowly.  How long will that last? There is no way of knowing.  But I know the longer this persists, the worse my odds will get.

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