Jane Austin’s Sense and Sensibility: Random Thoughts

1 I tried reading the book when I was in high school, but I couldn’t get past the language.

2 I also couldn’t get past the fact that it wasn’t this emotional, romantic book.  I was about 15, and I was very much like marianne.

3 I listened to the Audible version of Sense and Sensibility during my lockdown lunch.  It was read by Rosamund Pike.

4 I think we do a disservice to Jane Austin by framing her books as love stories.  Her book begins not with love, but with money.

5 I love the exchange between John and Fanny Dashwood.  They rationalize away John’s original generosity to the point where they offer his stepmother and sisters nothing.

6 I think it is a weakness of the book that Jane Austin just tells us that Elinor and Edward have formed an attachment.  We don’t actually get to meet Edward until halfway through the book.  Emma Thompson made the lighthouse by moving those scenes to the front of the movie.

7 Jane Austin draws Marianne very effectively.  I kept finding myself annoyed with her.  I can tell my age when I hear her speak; she is ridiculous.

8 Though to be fair to Marianne, she is only seventeen.  She is a teenager and very immature.

9 I actually felt a little sorry for Elinor for marrying Edward.  His family is dreadful.  And she and Edward have little money.  Will she really be happy with a meager income and nightmarish in-laws?

10 Marianne makes the sensible mrriage.  She marries a good man with a decent fortune and property.  In Recency England, when a man like that offers you his hand, you take it.

11 Of course, this is by design.  The sensible sister marries for love, and the emotional sister marries more pragmativally.  It’s not that she doesn’t love him, but she is not infatuated with him the way she was with Wiloughby.

12  Willoughby can eat shut and die.  I know he’s not evil, but Marianne dodged a real bullet there.

13 I am very glad Marianne did not die for the love of Mr Wiloughby.  No man is worth that.

14 I loved Marianne’s proclamations that people.in their mid 30’s are basically dead.  Hahaha.  And very appropriate for a teenager..



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