Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Re-Read

1 Dobby has a winning, childlike appeal.

2. The rule that underage witches and wizards can’t use magic outside of school is very unfair to children in Muggle homes. Harry gets in trouble for something that is not his fault. It also gives children in wizard families an unfair advantage, since they can’t face the same consequences.

3 While the book focuses on prejudice against Muggles and Muggle born witches and wizards, Harry experiences a different kind of prejudice. He experienced prejudice against witches and wizrds.

4 Fred and George show a more open way of looking at the world. They pick the lock, explaining that they think Muggle skills are worth learning.

5 The story sets up early on that Ginny has a diary. Funny

6 I can’t help but wonder at the ethics of bringing Muggle born children into a world where they will face prejudice and hatred without preparing them or providing them any kind of support system.

7 Where does the Muggle hatred come from?

8 I find Professor Binns very funny. The idea of a ghost professor is very amusing.

9 The book is constantly showing that something is wrong with Ginny. It definitely rewards careful reading.

10 Hermione is very naive in this book. Ron has a lot more wisdom.

11 Once again, Dumbledore deals in secrets rather than being honest.

12 I wonder how many Americans appreciate the fact that the Phoenix is named Fawkes.

13 They just take Hagrid off to prison without trial. The magical world is very, very flawed.

14 The magical world also treats sentient, non-human beings very poorly.

15 The book also strongly hints the horrified and that Harry is an unintentional horcrux.

16 The early books have unambiguously happy endings.

17 The movies did Ron a great disservice by taking away his speech about Muggles. We get to see that he shares the views of his family and that he rejects the pure blood ideology of Malfoy.

18 Ron is a foil to Harry, but he is also a foil to Draco. Franco is a wealthy, only child where Ron is poor with lots of siblings.

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