Tournament Armor of Archduke Charles II of Austria


The Cleveland Museum of Art has an armor court.  This is because Cleveland, at the time the museum was built, was a steel town.  The museum wanted to honor the city by celebrating art in steel.

The young boys in my class didn’t mind trips to the art museum because they got to visit the armor court.  In fact, one guy was pissed during a visit to the National Gallery in DC to discover that the National Gallery doesn’t have an armor court!  (Yes, the National Gallery in DC has a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, but it’s a pretty ugly painting.)

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Things Are Happening – May 9, 2019 — The Balance Beam Situation

A. The loser is everyone Scott Reid at the OC Register has a bunch more information this week about the wildly typical and predictable barf-trench that was USAG’s attempted hiring of Edward Nyman as its first ever director of sports medicine and science. The reason for Nyman’s firing—that nonspecific “conflict of interest” that USAG flopped […]

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April 2019 in Films — the diary of a film history fanatic

Apologies for the tardiness of this post. I moved into a new apartment (yay!) right before the beginning of the month, but didn’t have internet for a week (boo!). At long last I have the internet again! You will notice perhaps a wider variety than usual for April. This was due to a few factors: […]

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Just the Two of Us by Julia Wachtel


Julia uses cartoon images to explore how we perceive girlhood and womanhood.  I didn’t like it at first, but I do now.

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Beethoven Piano Sonata No 1

I have decided to start publishing Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas.  I have been posting a lot of music for orchestra, but I rarely get to hear music composed for one instrument or chamber type music.

So, I am going to listening to all of Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas to correct this.

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Fallen Caryatid Carrying Her Stone by Auguste Rodin


A caryatid is a sculpture of a woman that is supporting a building.


Rodin imagines that the woman has fallen down with the stone above her.  It’s sad, but also kind of funny.  I don’t know why.

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43rd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival!

It is the 43rd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival.

By the time it is over, I will have seen 3 full length feature films and 4 collections of shorts.  🙂

This is the most number of shorts I have ever seen in a festival.

I am doing this because last year I was not able to take off time for the film festival, so I “only” saw five full length feature films last year.

This year, as compensation, I am seeing four collections of shorts, including the Audience Shorts Winners.

I am not seeing any full length documentaries this year, though I will see short documentary films.  That’s OK.  Between Naila and the Uprising, RBG, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, and Three Identical Strangers (the latter three I saw at my local theaters) I saw a few documentaries last year.

I think I have FINALLY entered my theme phase of the Cleveland International Film Festival.

Basically, for the next few years, I will pick a theme based around one of the various competitions.  50% of the films I will see will be from that collection.

This year, it is short films.

Next year, I think, will be documentaries.


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