Casement Window, Frank Lloyd Wright


As soon as I saw this, I KNEW it was Frank Lloyd Wright.  There’s something unmistakable about his work.  I have been to two Frank Lloyd Wright houses.  They are very hot.  I wouldn’t want to live in one.

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Why I Can’t Quit Facebook

I can’t quit Facebook.  Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t quit it.

it’s not the connection to other people.  It’s their photos.  I have photos on Facebook from the time I spent in Korea.  I uploaded them on Facebook, but I no longer have the computer where they were originally stored.  So, if I delete Facebook, I would lose the photos.

I recently started a rather arduous process of copying my photos and uploading them to Google Photos and also storing them on an external hard drive.  Those photos are really important to me, so I want to be in a position where I would need to have a fire, as well as Facebook and Google being hacked, before I lost them.  I thought this would be a way of being less dependent on Facebook (though more dependent on Google.)

But as I go through the pictures on Facebook, I realize I put all these notes on the pictures to explain what and where they were.  Now I have to find out if I can copy and paste notes to pictures in Google Photos.  If not, I will still be dependent on Facebook.

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Meditation on Irrational Thoughts Part 8

The idea that your past remains all-important and that, because something once strongly influenced your life, it has to keep determining your feelings and behavior today.

So, I pulled up this post an hour after I saw the headline for an article about how middle school is so miserable.  I haven’t read it yet, but I retweeted it and talked about how the 7th grade was the worst year of my life.  It was worse than the year my parents divorced.  It was worse than the year I had cancer.  It was worse than the year I spent underemployed in a strange city.

And sometimes, I still feel as though I am affected by those years.

But why should I be?

After all, those years were over 20 years ago.  I am not the same person I was at the time.  The good news is that the pain and memories fade.  When I tried to remember why the 7th grade was so painful, it was hard for me to remember.

I suppose this is a good thing.  Our memories fade.  Perhaps that is something we need to remember about painful memories and experiences; most of those memories will fade.  We kind of do this already.  We say to ourselves, “One day we’ll look back on this and laugh.”  And many times this is true.





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Sonata for Bassoon and Piano by Camille Saint Saens


I never get the chance to listen to chamber music.

OK, I am sure that I could hear it at the Cleveland Institute of Music, but unfortunately I am lazy and always forget to go there.

So here is a bassoon and a piano.

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Bas-Relief of Ten Armed Lokshvara from Cambodia


I believe that this is the first time that this wall had left Cambodia.  Cleveland, of course, has an amazing Asian collection, so it is fitting that they would lend it to us.

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90’s Songs : Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? By Paula Cole

People probably remember Paula Cole’s other hit song, “I Don’t Wanna Wait” because of Dawson’s Creek.  But you know what?  I never once saw an entire episode of Dawson’s Creek.  So I am picking this song for the 90’s trip down memory lane.

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Toxic Masculinity of The Ten Duel Commandments

OK, I used the phrase Toxic Masculinity as click bait.  While I understand the point of that phrase, it is so misunderstood (in many cases willfully) that I don’t think it’s worth salvaging.  Instead, I prefer the descriptors “immature masculinity” and “mature masculinity.”  So, I am going to talk about the Immature Masculinity of The Ten Duel Commandments.

Now, I love The Ten Duel Commandments song, but it is also recalls a time when men did actually duel in order to defend their honor and to avenge slights against their honor.  There’s nothing wrong with wishing to live an honorable life and valuing your reputation for good character.  But two guys going into the woods and shooting each other is stupid!  It was stupid then too.  And yet, the rules of society at the time encouraged men to believe that it was acceptable to resolve conflicts through gunfights.

How did the women feel about duels?  Did they accept them as a part of the structure of their society and simply a part of the way men behaved?  Or did they try to dissuade and prevent the men in their lives from dueling?

How did the men respond if their wives and mothers tried to stop them from dueling?  Did they believe as Aaron Burr and Hamilton do in the song, that “duels are dumb and immature?”  Or did they view the women’s protestations as an attack on their masculinity?

There is perhaps a little irony in the fact that society now appears to agree with women.  Duels seem to have faded into the past.  And I think Aaron Burr would have agreed with the women too, based on his own experience.

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