Today was One of the Greatest Days of My Life

I did not have to go to the hospital today.

I did not have to set my alarm clock today.

I did not drive around a crowded parking garage looking for a space, silently cursing the existence of other human beings. 

I did not have blood drawn today.

I did not have a chest X-Ray. 

I did not have my blood pressure taken. 

I did not have to answer questions about pain during chewing or swallowing. 

I got a break. 

Surgery is a little more than a week away, but today I got to be completely normal. 

And that makes today a beautiful day. 

See the world all green and blue,

See China right in front of you. 

See the bird with the leaf in her mouth,

After the flood all the colors came out.

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6 Responses to Today was One of the Greatest Days of My Life

  1. ariennalee says:

    Here’s hoping for even more colors after next week!

    Is the recovery process long? Will you have to wait a long time for biopsy results?

  2. Nope, the recovery process doesn’t seem to be long. I’ll spend the night in the hospital for observation, and they’ll send me home the next morning. They have to keep me overnight in case I bleed out. That happens very rarely, but when it does, it requires surgery, so they’ll keep me until the next morning and then send me home.
    My recovery is bascially
    1 Don’t drive for 24 hours
    2 Don’t lift anything heavy for two weeks.
    I asked what she meant by heavy and she said, “Well, if you go to the gymn and lift weights, don’t lift heavy weights.”
    I asked when I can go back to work and she says, “Well, that’s up to you. If you feel good you can go back to work on Tuesday. If not you can go back a few days later or next week.”

    As for biopsy results, I’ll get those back probably Monday or Tuesday the next week.

  3. Bebe says:

    Wow, I missed some vital information by not reading your previous posts. I still have not read far enough back to find out what kind of surgery you’re having. Wishing you a smooth surgery and a pain-free-if-possible recovery.

    • Thanks for the good wishes! Start with the posts at the end of December, and then you can work your way up from there. Basically, I have a nodule (lump) on my thyroid, and the biopsy found abnormal cells so they cannot rule out thyroid cancer. So next Friday, I will have my thyroid removed, and they’ll also send it to pathology to check for thyroid cancer. I’ll then start thyroid replacement therapy, which is a pill I’ll take for the rest of my life. It’s the same treatment people take if they have hypothyroidism (which runs in my family quite heavily.)

  4. mariposaxprs says:

    I hope you are thinking many positive thoughts on the days before your surgery! Hope you feel prepared and ready for what happens. Will be keeping you in my thoughts!

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