Sic Gloria Transit

Sometimes life is just like sports. 

Sometimes, it isn’t.  While Rafa spent Thursday losing in the second round(!) of Wimbledon, I spent the day getting my very first pedicure, and trying a lovely tourquoise shade called Zuza, by Zoya.

Zoya-Nail-Polish-Zuza-ZP625-Banner Image-Large Image-Small Image

I also went to see Cain Park’s production of Avenue Q, which was delightful.  (Review forthcoming.) 

That helped me deal with the news when I searched my phone and discovered that Rafa was upset in the second round. 

The other thing that helped me was Patton.  I haven’t seen the movie Patton in ten years, but I was actually thinking about it.  Patton walks towards the horizon with Patton’s voiceover describing a Roman triumph, a celebration given to a victorious Roman general.  In the midst of the pomp and celebration, a slave stands behind the general, whispering “sic gloria transit,” all glory is fleeting.  It was an odd thing to think, but I think, after last year’s loss in Wimbleon, I’ve become used to the idea that Rafa’s glory is fleeting, and that, as he gets closer to 30 than to 20, those losses will become more frequent. 

In a strange way, Avenue Q also touched on this theme as well, in its final song, For Now, which reminds the audience that “Everything in life is only for now.” 

On the upside, Andy Murray is still in, and so is Petra Kvitova.  She may not repeat, but I’m still pulling for her.  🙂

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